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Pistons for Kubota engines

Below you will find most of the individual spare parts that are available, in stock or can be brought to order!

They are grouped by the diameter of the parts from A> Z.

If you want to search for parts by engine model, then go here> Kubota Engines - Parts for engines. usual models !

Part Name Diameter Engine Type Version Original Code

PISTON Ø64.00 mm Z402 STD 15821-21110

PISTON Ø64.50 mm 0.50 15821-21910

PISTON Ø64.00 mm D662 STD 16861-21110

PISTON Ø64.50 mm 0.50 16861-21910

PISTON Ø64.00 mm Z400 / D600 / V800 STD 15841-21110

PISTON Ø64.50 mm 0.50 15841-21910

PISTON Ø67.00 mm Z482 / D722 STD 16851-21110

PISTON Ø67.50 mm 0.50 16851-21910

PISTON Ø72.00 mm D902 / Z602 STD 1G826-21112

PISTON Ø72.50 mm 0.50 1G826-21902

PISTON Ø72.00 mm D905 / V1205 STD 16224-21110

PISTON Ø72.50 mm 0.50 16224-21910

PISTON Ø72.00 mm Z600 / D850 / V1100 STD 15956-21110

PISTON Ø72.50 mm 0.50 15956-21910

PISTON Ø75.00 mm D950 / V1200 STD 15732-21112

PISTON Ø75.50 mm 0.50 15732-21912

PISTON Ø76.00 mm D1100 / V1500 STD 15221-21110 D1102 / V1502

PISTON Ø76.50 mm 0.50 15221-21910

PISTON Ø76.00 mm D1005 / V1305 STD 16050-21110

PISTON Ø76.50 mm 0.50 16050-21910

PISTON Ø78.00 mm D1105 / V1505 STD 16060-21114

PISTON Ø78.50 mm 0.50 16060-21910

PISTON Ø80.00 mm D1403 / V1903 STD 16427-21772

PISTON Ø80.50 mm 0.50

PISTON Ø82.00 mm D1302 / V1702 / S2600 STD 19223-21110

PISTON Ø82.50 mm 0.50 19223-21910

PISTON Ø85.00 mm D1402 / V1902 STD 19274-21110 19439-21110

PISTON Ø85.50 mm 0.50 19274-21910

PISTON Ø87.00 mm D1703 / V2203 / F2803 STD 16423-21112

PISTON Ø87.50 mm 0.50

PISTON Ø87.00 mm V2403 STD 1G861-21132

PISTON Ø87.50 mm 0.50

PISTON Ø87.00 mm V2403 STD 1G924-21112

PISTON Ø87.50 mm 0.50

PISTON Ø87.00 mm V2607 STD 1J700-21110

PISTON Ø87.50 mm 0.50 1J700-21910

PISTON Ø94.00 mm V3307 STD 1J751-21110

PISTON Ø94.50 mm 0.50 1J751-21910

PISTON Ø98.00 mm V3300-B STD 1C011-21110

PISTON Ø98.50 mm 0.50 1C011-21910

PISTON Ø98.00 mm V3300-DIE STD 1C050-21112

PISTON Ø98.50 mm 0.50 1C050-21912

PISTON Ø98.00 mm V3600 STD 1J510-21113

PISTON Ø98.50 mm 0.50 1J510-21913

PISTON Ø100.00 mm V3800 STD 1G514-21110

PISTON Ø100.50 mm 0.50 1G514-21910

PISTON Ø100.00 mm V3800-T / V3800 STD 1J550-21110

PISTON Ø100.50 mm 0.50 1J550-21910

PISTON Ø105.00 mm V4000 STD 15451-21110

PISTON Ø105.50 mm 0.50 15451-21910

PISTON Ø109.00 mm V4300 STD 16132-21110

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