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PERKINS repair engines

The spare parts are associated with the engine code of the machine (the first 2 letters of the engine series). Code Table HERE ...

The Phaser or 1004 series from Perkins contains the following engine codes: see the 2-letter code in white.

We can bring to order / there is a wide range of Aftermarket spare parts in stock (they are not Perkins parts) they are high quality parts, manufactured under other brands than Perkins. However, we also have the possibility to deliver Original parts (OEM) produced by or for. Perkins: cylinder heads, piston sets + segments, sets of seals (complete set for repair, upper gasket kit, lower gasket kit, cylinder head gasket only), oil seals, capital repair kits etc ...

1004 (Phaser 1000/4 cylinder series)

1004-4 ( AA )

1004-40 ( AJ )

1004-40T ( AK )

1004-40TA ( AL )

1004-40TW ( AM )

1004-42 ( AR )

1004-4T ( AB )

1006 (Phaser 1000/6 cylinder series)

1006 ( Y )

1006.6 (Phaser series 1000/6 cil.)

1006-6 ( YA )

1006-60 ( YG )

1006-60T ( YH )

1006-60TA ( YJ )

1006-60TW ( YK )

1006-6T ( YB )

  • 1006-6 Phaser 125, 5985cc, normal intake (without Turbo)

  • 1006-6TW Phaser 180Ti, C6.60 engine, 5985cc Turbo & Intercooler

  • 1006-6T Phaser, 5985cc Turbo engine

  • 1004-4 Phaser 90, 4.40 engine, 3990cc normal intake (without Turbo)

  • 1004-4T Phaser 110T, T4.40 engine, 3990cc Turbo

  • 1004-4TW 120Ti, C4.40 engine, 3990cc Turbo & Intercooler

phaser 1004
1004 phaser
1004 shortblock
1004 waterp
phaser cylhead

We deliver the firm order

ENGINES for CAPITAL REPAIRS (short motor or long motor)

The short engine: - it is composed of all the parts without cylinder head itself and the external accessories of a Diesel engine, located between the cylinder head gasket and the oil bath gasket. (Picture)

Long engine: - same as the short engine, only it has a cylinder head (equipped with valves or not equipped) and can contain a complete set of seals.

Please click on the codes related to your engine, for to be redirected to complete or partially complete repair engines for Perkins / CAT engines

perkins phaser block.jpg

We deliver the firm order


Please click on the photo, arrow or button, for. to be redirected to Perkins / CAT complete engine repair kits

perkins set reparatie.jpg
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