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Parts for Kubota V3300 / DIRECT injection

Press the button to access the Kubota V3300 engine with Indirect injection!


The order codes will be confirmed and verified by the seller, before placing the order or the actual purchase of the product.

Only the confirmed ones are in the seller's stock and can be delivered immediately.

- The set / a set, refers to / relates to 1 piston, never for the whole engine!

- Complete set: for example: * complete set of gaskets * refers to all seals needed to repair the engine

piston complet V3300 ind.jpg

Complete piston - composition:

  • piston / diameter = 98 mm

  • piston channel thickness: 1.50 / 2/3 mm

  • ATTENTION! - differs in fct from the engine series

  • piston bolt / diameter = 24 mm

  • bolt fuses x 2 pcs

piston  V3300 dir.jpg

Unmanned piston (without segment, bolt, sig.) :

  • piston / diameter = 98 mm

  • piston channel thickness: 1.50 / 2/3 mm

  • ATTENTION! - differs in fct from the engine series

  • the surface of the explosion chamber differs!

Segment set (3 pcs / piston)

  • fire segments = 1.50 mm

  • compression segments = 2 mm

  • lubrication segments = 3 mm

  • segment diameter = 98 mm

  • version R1: +0.50 mm

Complete piston order code:

  • STD version: info

  • STD version: info

  • version R1: +0.50 mm

Order code for connecting rod bearing set:

  • STD version: KUB92176

  • version R1: +20 mm KUB96482

  • R2 version: + 40 mm

Front Shaft Bushing Command Code:

  • distribution bushing (front):

set garnituri Kubota V3300 ind.jpg

Order code for the complete set of gaskets:

  • contains all gaskets for rep.

  • STD thickness version:

  • R1 thickness version:

  • R2 thickness version:

Piston control code (without bolt):

  • STD of the 9G0001 info engine series

  • STD pin the word series. 9G0001 info

  • version R1: +0.50 mm

Bearing bearing set order code:

  • STD version: KUB92622

  • version R1: +20 mm KUB96490

  • version R2: +40 mm

Rear shaft bushing control code:

  • steering wheel sleeve (rear)

  • KUB96486

garnituri sup. Kubota V3300 ind.jpg

Upper gasket set order code:

  • garn version. metal cylinder head

  • STD thickness version: KUB92475

  • non-metallic version:

  • more versions> see engine series

Segment command code:

  • STD version: KUB92169

  • segments do not differ, only the piston

  • version R1: +0.50 mm

Axial bearing set order code:

  • higher version: KUB92483

  • lower version: KUB92482

  • they are different up and down

Connecting rod order code:

  • STD version:

garnituri inf. Kubota V3300 ind.jpg

Lower gasket set order code:

  • STD thickness version: KUB92166

  • R1 thickness version:

  • R2 thickness version:

garnitura chiulasa Kubota V3300 ind.jpg
chiulasa Kubota V3300 turbo dir.jpg

Cylinder head gasket order code:

  • metal version STD: KUB92156

  • non-metallic version:

  • R2 thickness version:

Valve seal order code:

  • intake: KUB60465 / 7

  • evacuation: KUB75154 / 8

Cylinder head command code:

  • unequipped cylinder head: info

  • turbo equipped cylinder head:

Shaft sealing order code:

  • distribution (front) KUB62863

  • steering wheel (back) KUB22914

solenoid Kubota V3300 ind.jpg

Solenoid command code:

  • KUB74436

Electric motor control code:

injector Kubota V3300 ind.jpg

Oil bulb order code:

  • STD version:

Power pump control code:

  • KUB52376

Alternator order code:

Injector order code:

  • KUB78171

Water pump control code:

  • KUB49671

Connecting rod command code:

  • differs in info engine series

Spark plug control code inc. :

  • version L = 72 mm

  • fillet: M10

termostat Kubota V3300 ind.jpg

Thermostat command code:

  • version d54 / h54 mm

  • KUB67633

  • version d54 / h61 mm

Piston bolt command code:

  • STD version:

  • KUB92170

  • differs serious engine info

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