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Identification of Perkins engines

Old Perkins engine range

700 series

would be 900

series 2000

would be 3000

Peregrine series

would be Phaser

series 500 / Prima

seriaEagle Tx

series 1300

Range 4 series

series 4.108

series 4,236

would be 6,354

series 4,203

series V8.540

series 4,154 / 200

series 4,165

series V8,640

Newer range of Perkins engines

series 100 / Perama series 400C

would be 800C

would be 1000

series 1100

series 1300 Edi

series 2300

series 2800

series 4000

would be Saber

series 3.152

would be 400D

would be 800D

series 850E

series 850F

1200E series


The identification of a Perkins engine is done by reading the first 2 letters of the series on the engine board example AK 80694J458212J.

The code AK corresponds to the engine model 1004.40T from the 1000 series (from the 1000 series because the number 1004 falls between (series) 1000 and the next (series) 1100.

In turn, these series (see column / table on the left) have several sub-series, our example series 1000 , code AK = engine 1004.40T, has another 24 sub-series (the block and the main parts are usually / in most of the same cases, only the accessorization or some parts differ, such as the reinforced / metallic cylinder head gasket of the Turbo version etc ...)

- 1004-4, 1004-40, 1004-40T, 1004-40TW, 1004-40S etc ...

Usually the engine code is the MAIN FACTOR OF IDENTIFYING SPARE PARTS!

The last letter in the engine model (our example 1004.40 T , means:

A = air cooled

C = compensated

D = direct injection

E = electric

G = fuel = gasoline

T = has turbocharger

W = water cooling

The letter in the middle of the series, means the country of manufacture (usually it is U - UK / Great Britain)

It is preferable to provide the code on the engine identification plate, when requesting spare parts, but usually only the engine code consisting of the 2 letters is enough.

There are engines that have more letters (relatively new engines) or do not have the 2 letters in front, but these are before the 80s and are increasingly rare.

However, if you come across engines that have neither the old code nor the new code (they have no nameplate at all), provide the letters or combination of letters and numbers on the engine block (embossed or embossed), any dealer who can supply this part. , knows how to identify them ...

For example 103-10 embossed stamped on the engine block indicates a sub-series, 103.10 of the main series 100 / Perama, engine code KD see the blue table above.

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